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Who we are ?

CHAUDRAF is a leading company in the domain of boilermaking industry .Mainly specialised in manufacturing different types of : Dish ends , tanks for storing fuel or for industrial use, galvanised drinking water tanks, hot water generators, cement silos, concrete buckets as well as other products related to the domain.

The big professionalism and the high technical capacities of CHAUDRAF's team have led to succes that gave the company an important role to play in boilermaking industry.

The excellent manufacturing processes and the high quality of used materials allow CHAUDRAF to satisfy the hardest demands made by the multiple situations and applications.

Professionalism and commitment

CHAUDRAF invests its experience and its know how in the domain of boilermaking industry to achieve a perfect manufacturing process that respects all the standards .

Multiple fields

CHAUDRAF has succeeded thanks to the efforts and the know how of its team to diversify the fields and applications targeted .